Anal penetration is an essential component of the sissy hypnosis training and the utter enjoyment derived from fucking your own ass with an object.

Through repeated hypnotic mind conditioning you will be able to adjust and/or modify your masturbation behavior.  As a hypnotized sissy slave you will either get accustomed to or will just enjoy anal penetration so much that daily masturbation activities just simply will be not the same without it. You should develop new masturbation habits and be able to cum only when you’re anally penetrated. Stroking is not gonna help. Only fucking your own ass will make you cum.  Train with this humiliation hypnosis mp3 daily and notice your patterns change… as you may begin to stroke, you reach out for a toy or a dildo to slide it down inside and start fucking your own ass. You do that so you may be able to have an orgasm. This femdom hypnosis mp3 is not a subtle gentle way telling a hypnotized slave to relax and masturbate. It tells you to fuck.. your own.. ass.

It turns you on thinking about anal penetration, so go ahead, relax and let your mind dictate your real needs that need to be satisfied.  Experience higher sexual enjoyment as you deepen your submission into slavery to the female dominance over your dick and dive into your humiliation sissy fantasy of fucking your own ass for the mistress.

Become a better sissy today.

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Mp3 Length: 18:04

Feminization Hypnosis

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