So Hard to Think – Bimbo Hypnosis and IQ Reduction


Bimbo IQ Reduction Hypnosis

Thinking is a difficult task, isn’t’ it? That’s why you need to listen to the bimbo hypnosis mp3s.

It’s much easier to be a hypnotized dumb bimbo sissy whore. You want to go through the whole forced feminization process in order to achieve that. That way, you may concentrate on what really is important.. and face it, it’s SEX. Yes, sex is the most important thing of all for a dumb bimbo. That is you! Yes, a dumb sissy. That is you! Just so that you don’t have to think all that much, all you gotz to do is plug and play. Let the voice of a hypnodomme tell you what to do, what to think, how to behave.
The skill of an erotic hypnotist will wipe out all the unnecessary thoughts with bimbo hypnosis and help you out to think what you really want to be thinking about. Now you may finally enjoy thinking about fucking. Yes. Fucking. Take the time to make yourself pretty. Fuck it, be appearance obsessed. That’s what is going to attract your potential partner, so make sure you look good. There is absolutely nothing else that you have to think about. You don’t even have to wear much. Remember, you want to attract as many potential sex partners as possible, so leave as little to imagination as possible. Accentuate your aSSets. Make sure they are well visible. Make sure you put on as much make up as you can. Yes, you can finally do all those things. Let your iq become reduced to the very, very basic functions, eat sleep fuck suck. Good girl.


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