This fetish hypnosis mp3 can be listened to equally by both submissive men or women who would like to experiment with IQ reduction, bimbo mentality and sexual feminization under hypnosis.


Sink in deep into your feminization fetish dream as you slide  into the state of trance and submerge yourself easily and freely into the magic of  bimbo hypnosis.

The induction slowly submerges the listener into the state of trance,  light state of forgetfulness and hypnotic amnesia. Then, it  gently removes the necessity to think, to remember the words, to process information, and instead, liberates the subject from hard task of thinking. It is much easier to concentrate on things that bring instant gratification and pleasure…

no time to think of anything else when it’s so important to look your best.
“You may just forget to think of other things as they are significantly less important. It’s easier not to think if you don’t have to.
Why bother when it is so easy to free your mind, let the thoughts just fly off, go away and never come back, when it’s easier this way, so why bother, right.
Like, totally, super, aha, yeah. ” Listen to the bimbo hypnosis more often, it will erase your IQ down to the very basics.
“Forget the words and simplify your speech. Use the minimum necessary. Using too many words is complicated. Giggle in between if you have nothing to say. Giggle if you want to show your approval, giggle if you feel insecure, giggle if you agree, you can giggle anytime, all the time, you don’t even need to have a reason to giggle, it just comes up, like, once in a while, you just feel like giggling. hehe…there’s no reason not to, so just giggle…
Totally. Fuck yeah. So sexy. Heaven, joy, instant gratification. It’s a real dream come true. “

Think of Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex… and you just want to Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck…Like… Totally… Fuck yeah…

Bimbo Fantasy Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis

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