Bimbo Vacation


Femdom feminization fantasy.

Bimbo Vacation is a feminization fantasy. You get to experience it any time you want to. All you have to do is press play, and go away to a warm sunny place, where you can be your bimbo self for a while.  Any time you want to take a mental vacation from being a masculine male, and want to be more like a feminine self, listen to this feminization fantasy mp3. You will enjoy it. You will be taken to a warm sunny beach, playing in the soft summer sand, listening to the ocean waves crushing against the shore…as you’re laying around, basking in the sun, with your big perky breasts and tight round ass, covered up in lotion to attract all the male attention you may get.

Scenes: bouncy tits, ass cheeks clapping, anal sex, nipple play.

File Length: 34 minutes

Feminization Hypnosis

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