Dance The Night


real time feminization story

This feminization mp3 is a bit different from the rest on this site. This is a real-life story that has been adapted to sissy feminization training. For some feminized sissies this may be a story that they can relate to, for others, this may be a femdom fantasy that they would like to experience in real time sessions… Either way, I’m sure that no matter what your standing is, you will enjoy it.

It takes place at a reggae night club, with a very blonde and very bubbly and happy MILF bimbo at a center stage, trying to get attention of every man possible… and possibly succeeding at that.  As a sissy, you may imagine transforming yourself into that bimbo, placing yourself at the center of the attention, and using all your feminine skills to pick the biggest, baddest man possible.

There are no special effects on the voice or music tracks, just my voice, as if I were speaking to you on the phone, or sitting across and telling you this over a cup of coffee…so sit back and listen, whenever you want to. There is no induction or trance state deepener, unless you just find my voice so utterly  mind-enveloping..which is… possible.

Fetishes: bimbo mentality, sissy training, inter-racial fantasy, cock worship fantasy, sissy humiliation, positive bimbo affirmations.

File Length: 20:10

femdom fantasy, humiliation fetish, inter-racial hypnosis

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