Domestic feminization through erotic hypnosis. For the duration of the session you’re turned into an appearance obsessed, sexually charged, Domesticated Betsy. Can be listened by both men and women.

Go on a journey deep into the realms of bimbo hypnosis.

Take your sissy maid fetish fantasy and let it take over you. Sit back and listen to the femdom erotic hypnosis session as you are submerged into your daily tasks and duties as a sissy maid. Live out your dream as Domesticated Betsy in a forced feminization la-la land. Yes, you are going to love it. You are going to look your best, and you are going to behave your best, as a real submissive bimbo would. You ARE a real Bimbo! You ARE a Sissy Maid.

“Domestic noise of pans is like music to your ears, it makes you tingle with excitement, isn’t it great? of course it is, what else could be better! what kind of a house maid doesn’t get excited when she hears dishes squeaking with cleanliness!
look at your surroundings, your environment, your office space, it’s a home to your heart. yes, yes, yes!!!
when you swipe your fingers, a magic sensation runs all over your skin when you feel the spotless surface underneath
breathe in the freshness in the room, the smell of a newly cooked dish filling up the air
and when you feel it you may lick your lips and taste the sweetness of your labor  when you swipe the fresh cum off your fingers.”

MP3 Length: 35:00 mins

Induction included.

Bimbo Fantasy Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis

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