Dumb Bitch


femdom iq reduction and humiliation hypnosis mp3.

This femdom iq reduction and humiliation hypnosis mp3 is a real treat for you, submissive boys.

You get to listen to my wonderful voice and at the same time turn into a total dumb bitch. The deeper you go into trance, the more your IQ level drops and with your arousal lever going up. The more you touch yourself, the less you need to think. The more you feel sexual excitement, the less intelligent you become. After all, think about it… you wouldn’t behave this way if your intelligence level would be just a little bit higher. Perhaps you would apply yourself and be something more useful instead of just sitting there, stroking yourself… but, since you are not, you may as well enjoy it. You may just really like sitting there, stroking, like a dumb bitch whore, with not a worry in the world.


File Length: 28.04 minutes

Feminization Hypnosis

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