A collection of erotic hypnosis induction files needed for some of the feminization mp3s on this site. They may also be used on its own for relaxation and easing into the state of trance.

The great collection of erotic inductions includes:

Obey Now–  Obey the Voice was created as one of the different hypnotic induction mp3s to be listened to prior to the hypno sessions or on its own for a short escape into submission.

Relax Now – Full body relaxation induction method. Slowly making every part of the body relax, freeing the mind of any worries, just becoming completely and utterly relaxed. May be listened on its own for daily relaxation. Almost 20 minutes long.

Deeper – Very simple and effective induction.  Countdown induction/ hypnotic deepener to induce the state of trance.

Kink Land – Dream, Kink is your building foundation for an erotic dream. The induction will take you safely on the journey of escape in your fetish fantasy. Feel free to ease yourself in into an altered state of subconsciousness and go deep into the hypnotic trance.

Numbers Game–  I made this confusion induction relying exclusively on numbers to completely overload the analytical mind.

Submit Obey Mantra – The mantra may be listened on its own, as a deepener or an induction, depending on your experience. The mp3 does not have a defined start or finish and may be looped for proper mind conditioning and femdom brainwashing.

Press play, for eternity if necessary.

Get them all and place one of them in the playlist before listening to a recording to deepen your state of trance. You will never get bored with the same induction ever again. Each one of them is using a different hypnotic approach, so you may find the best one suited for your needs.

Get them all for a total savings of $20.

Feminization Hypnosis, SPECIALS

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