Gay Bar – Part 2


sissy feminization hypnosis mp3 session.

In continuation to the first femdom feminization hypnosis mp3 “Gay Bar”, you are taken back into the same place where you were left off. You know how much you like it there, so we are going to spend a little bit more time in that dim-lit space. This time you will be lead down into the second room where you will be transformed into a perfect sissy slut that will be ready for service.  You will be dressed up, to fit in your new role of a hypnotized sissy slave and a slutty bimbo. There is no place for masculinity anymore, not when you are made to wear skimpy slutty clothes, not when you are made to worship and obey more superior men, with stronger, bigger manhood than your own. Go on, and join the new community of slutty bimbos, you’ll fit right in.
32 minutes

Feminization Hypnosis

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