Gay Boy – Feminization Hypnosis Video


Femdom feminization hypnosis video.

Are you a sissy that wants to take the feminization hypnosis training to a whole new level? Do you crave the deeper humiliation? Do you feel the need to admire and worship a more superior cock?

Perhaps you are just gay!

This feminization hypnosis video is sexy, subtle, seductive, light, happy… gay!

You will love love love feeling so incredibly homosexual after viewing this video. Watch out for the subliminal visuals and gentle whispers in your ear. You may find yourself attracted to the idea of repeating the words in your head… gay boy… gay boy… gay boy….

Relax and don’t worry about a thing.

You will be hypnotized, mesmerized and completely under the control of my voice. You will be turned on, convinced into believing that you are indeed very very gay. Gay… boy… will resonate in your mind for a long time to come. It just feels so good and so liberating to finally be yourself, to be the Gay BOY! It is so refreshing to finally admit that you love to worship cock. You love it, you crave it, you need it. All you have to do is listen to more feminization hypnosis mp3s, watch more feminization hypnosis videos, and become more brainwashed into a total sissy bimbo slut that you really are!


Video length: 10:05

Video size: 116MB


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