I am NOT a man – Sissy Hypnosis Video


Hello. Bimbo.

bimbo hypnosis videoExtreme sissy hypnosis video!

Watch and learn. Repeat. To yourself. ” I.. am not… a man”. Stroke yourself. Think of all those things that make you excited… lipstick, your boobies, your sloppy wet pussy… look at the screen. Watch this sissy hypnosis video intensely.

Your mind is now infiltrated by sissy thoughts. The images are deeply implanted in your mind. Let the sissy hypnosis sink deep into your subconscious mind. Hello Bimbo! Big boobs, big lips, big ass, blonde hair, are now a part of you. You are a bimbo! Horny dirty dumb bimbo.

You will have no choice but develop new masturbation behavior, perhaps more and more turned on by the sight of the mano-o-mano cock sucking. perhaps.. you will even masturbate to the sight of the cock. maybe.. you will have no choice but cum watching a man sucking on a cock. enjoy. the super- duper Jedi mind tricks of the hypnotic goddess.

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