Small penis humiliation hypnosis mp3.

When you crave femdom humiliation on a very deep level, listen to this mp3. You may feel inferiority complex for a reason, perhaps it is because you ARE inferior. There is nothing you can do about it but only go deep into the femdom humiliation land.  This humiliation mp3 is a bit of a mind-fuck. It starts out with me telling you as it is, with no safety cushion for your ego. Then, I make you slide down into a comfortable place where you may for a moment feel like it all was a long time ago, and you’re just listening to the soft yet dominant voice pulling you in. As you descend down the path of comfortable trance, I’ll pull you even deeper than you thought was possible and crush you under the heavy weight of extreme humiliation.

Feminization Hypnosis, humiliation fetish, humiliation hypnosis

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