A mind-blowing sissy brainwashing femdom feminization hypnosis. Allow the love and addictions for panties grow as you develop the need to wear feminine panties on a regular basis.

A mind-conditioning sissy feminization hypnosis mp3.

Expect your behavior to change and modify the more you listen to the fetish installment of this sissy hypnosis recording. This is a part of your daily sissy training routine.  Find the time in the day to submerge yourself into a deep state of trance and open up your subconscious mind to take in all of the hypnotic suggestions in the file.  Repeat.

You don’t have to do anything consciously, but listen and obey. Then notice an urge to slip on the panties grow, more and more over time. You will find how horny and sexy it makes you feel…and so very feminine. A sissy girl like you may find it extremely arousing to feel that way. The sheer feel of silky fabric alone gets you hot. You know, the way it feels when you slip it on against your skin. The problem is, you don’t do it enough.

Think about it, you may finally become a real bimbo. You may finally live the sissy dream.You are already anxious and excited, I can tell. Go ahead, do a little butt humping dance when no one is watching. You  are about to be conditioned to love wearing panties.  After a while it will become simply natural and most essential part of your day.

All it takes is a little bit of erotic mind control and  femdom brainwashing.  Add some sissy hypnosis, hardcore humiliation and a tad of fetish conditioning and you may brew a perfect stew out of your sissy brains.

No need for additional induction mp3. Feel free to leave a comment or two after listening. Happy sissy trancing.

Feminization Hypnosis

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