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Ravenwood School for Sissies: A Collection of Short Stories

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Aimee Allison, Crystal Summers and Domina Dixon team up for a collection of three forced feminization stories related to Monica Ravenwood's School for Sissies. This collection includes :

"Always Read The Fine Print" by Aimee Allison. Thomas Quinn wanted a forced feminization fantasy experience. He thought he'd found that in the Ravenwood School, only he didn't know this was no fantasy. Would his wife save him from his mistake?

"The Heir(ess)" by Crystal Summers. Victor Blair was the heir to his father's billionaire fortune, unless his evil stepmother could get him out of the way by enrolling him at the Ravenwood School. Could he escape and win his inheritance?

"Femdom Marriage" by Domina Dixon. Hamilton needed to submit to his wife. He needed her guidance. But his ego wouldn't let him, especially with his adult stepdaughter mocking his efforts. Could the Ravenwood School help him overcome his ego?

Each story is over 9,000 words. Stories include forced feminization, female domination, sissy maids, spanking/caning, hormones, breast growth, oral sex, erotic humiliation, and more.

Listed in Sissy Hypnosis Stories

Created: Friday 6th of September 2013

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