Temporary mental body modification through erotic hypnosis. Imagine sliding on a pair of panties and feel your penis turn into a real sissy pussy!

I have made this sissy hypnosis mp3 frankly, to fuck with your head. You are going to put on the headphones, press play, sit back and listen.  This session that is going to transform your mind and the way you feel about your *ehm*, manhood. In more precise terms, it’s going to make it disappear, vanish… to be gone. As soon as you slide on that pair of panties, you are going to feel your penis shrink up, curl inside and… it’s just not going to be there anymore. The panties are very, very tight. They don’t come off, they don’t slide down. They simply stay put. For the duration of this feminization hypnosis session your body parts are transformed into a female vagina and you get to be the happy gurl that you are.

The inspiration:

I have/had this fascination with a device, called vee string, that I found on the stockroom site. I believe some sissy showed me this a while ago, and ever since then it’s been kind of stuck in my mind…The thought of just how much it should fuck with your head to wear these “panties”, to hide your penis tucked inside and be able to play with your pussy, totally disregarding any reference to your “manhood”. On the contrary, fucking yourself senseless with a prosthetic “manhood’, meanwhile it’s rubbing against your clit and making you very very horny, just like a slut that you are. I also wanted to reinforce that through a sissy hypnosis recording, something to condition, to prepare you, to reinforce the belief that you do indeed have a pussy between your legs, as you listen to it more and more.

MP3 Length:24:39

File Size: 22.5 MB

Feminization Hypnosis

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