DOMESTICATED BETSY – PART II – Hypnotized Sissy Humiliation


Intense feminization sissy hypnosis. This mp3 is a continuation of Domesticated Betsy training in service and obedience, this time carried on in the bedroom.

Sissy hypnosis and femdom humiliation training of a sissy maid.

The first part of Domesticated Betsy training has prepared the sissy maid for her domestic duties in the kitchen and around the house. This time, Domesticated Betsy goes into bedroom.

A long and slow induction takes the hypnotized sissy deep into the trance state.  The feminization journey starts off immediately  with sissy transformation into the bitch slut, Domesticated Betsy. She is taken into the bedroom where she is taught her place. The sissy is maid to wear a chastity device because she doesn’t deserve to have her shameful male body parts hanging out and instead must tuck them away. It must be covered by silky panties that are much more appropriate for her social standing in the femdom world. Then, the sissy maid is shown how to clean up properly in the bedroom and how to put herself to good use when needed.

This sissy hypnosis mp3 is hardcore, heavy-duty, explicit and graphic with the scenes and vivid visualizations of the hypnotized sissy maid serving  in the bedroom. Besides the scenes, it is filled with brutal verbal humiliation and degrading femdom brainwashing. The mp3 is layered with subtle multiple loops of  voice tracks for the better effect.

Mp3 Length: 36:12

Scenes: cum eating, cuckolding, forced chastity, panties wearing, verbal slut humiliation, make up session, dressing up as a slut, high heels, cock worship, strap on, goddess worship, obedience.

Bimbo Fantasy Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis

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